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Bob and Ben Caras

Together, Bob and Ben create the core of Ledgerock Welding and Fabricating, a custom metalwork shop based in Boston, MA. They focus on residential and commercial custom decorative metalwork but have been known to create prototypes for automotive elements, scientific and medical tools and, well... the possibilities seem to be endless. The father-son team is rounded out by the artistic and technical talents of Michael Ulman.

Bob CarasBob Caras

Bob has been involved with metal for over 45 years. Fresh out of college, Bob went into tool and die as an apprentice for eight years, cutting his teeth under the tutelage of his father-in-law, Chet Parsons. After his time as a tool and die maker, Bob progressed to tool engineering for about 10 years, until his passion for industrial design led him into another realm of the metals industry.

Slightly switching gears, Bob bought into a commercial metal fabricating company where he put in his time in managing some 35 employees while honing his metal fabricating skills.

At long last, Bob realized that all of this experience and management was calling him to found his own company, and in 1993 he founded Ledgerock where he settled into his calling in the ornamental and architectural metal fabricating industry, or as he likes to call it, “art with utility”. As a custom metal fabricator, Bob loves creating custom metal works for his clients that are both beautiful and functional.

When Bob is out of the shop, he can be found pursuing his other passions of boating, fishing, radio controlled boats and airplanes, motorcycles, and metal sculpture.

Ben CarasBenjamin Caras

Third generation custom metal fabricator, and artist, Benjamin was born in Boston in 1973 to parents with artistic and technical backgrounds. With a father and grandfather in the tool and die business, and a mother who was a painter, Benjamin was growing up in fertile ground for creativity combined with technical acumen.

At age nine, Benjamin started creating objects out of various metals, becoming increasingly sophisticated as a craftsman. Eventually, Ben moved beyond the shaping of metals for strictly utilitarian purposes and began to explore the medium’s aesthetic possibilities, particularly in the area where organic forms meet industrial design. Custom metalwork as art became Ben’s passion.

After high school, Benjamin worked in several jobs that prepared him for the technical aspects of making sculpture via progressive metal craft and contemporary architectural fabrication methods. He then attended Ormond College in Kilkenny, Ireland in 1997 to study the arts. There, he received an NCVA award in art and design. In 1999 he attended West Virginia University on an Art Department Performance Grant to complete his BFA in sculpture. He received his Masters of Fine Art from the University of Massachusetts in 2008, with an emphasis in digital design and production.

Benjamin’s work has been shown in a number of galleries and institutions, including RISD (2007) and the Dorkbot Organization NYC (2009). His recent solo exhibition, entitled "Reconstructing Nature", was shown at the University of Massachusetts gallery in May 2008.

Along with his work at Ledgerock, Benjamin currently teaches digital design and production at Northeastern University in Boston. He is also at work exploring the concept of CNC application and the creation of ideas that lead to fine art, as well as lecturing about art, DIY, Metal Design, and CNC digital production.

Michael UlmanMichael Ulman

Michael Ulman, a graduate of Northeastern University’s class of 2000 with a Bachelor’s of Science concentrating in General Art, has consistently been recognized for his superb skills in metal sculpture.

In his work for Ledgerock Welding and Fabricating in Concord, MA, Michael has fabricated architectural ornamental ironwork for private residences in Boston, Brookline, Newton and has worked on projects for notable museums such as the Russian Icon Museum.

In addition to his fabricating work, Michael is also a found object sculptor who found inspiration in the work his father, Marty Ulman, created.  "I have great childhood memories of searching junkyards, dumps, trash heaps with my father for rusty, once useful objects my dad would use in his artwork.  I was my father’s protégé, learning how to weld, file, and see possibilities in different objects."

Michael started to exhibit his work in 1997, when he was a student at Northeastern University.  Since that time, he has shown his work extensively at galleries, architectural offices, and most notably, the Harley Davidson Store, DeLund Museum in Florida, Pennsylvania Museum in Philadelphia and SICA (Shore Institute of Contemporary) in New York.

One of Mr. Ulman's sculptures is on loan at Logan International Airport and in 2008, Michael was the featured artist at the inaugural exhibition at Northeastern University’s Gallery 360.  Additionally, Michael’s piece, Low Rider, a sculpture, made of wooden molds from World War II, is hanging in Northeastern University’s International Village.

Michael’s work has been featured in many publications including the New York Times, Horse Power Sports, Hop Up Magazine, Moto Journal, The Horse, Northeastern University Alumni Magazines, and Sacramento Magazine.

Alan Mayes, The Horse Backstreet Choppers, March 2007 writes: "Michael Ulman is an extremely talented sculptor. Using what he calls 'found objects', Michael transforms them into exquisite pieces of art. His highly coveted pieces capture the imagination and make the viewer a detective, examining the art closely in an attempt to identify the components’ original form."

Michael Ulman’s work can be seen on his website:  www.michaelulman.com

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