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artistic workLedgerock Fabricating and Welding creates custom decorative, ornamental and artistic metalwork for your home, business, or garden. When you want to make a bold statement for a lobby, or you want a stunning art piece for your home or garden, Ledgerock will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind metal sculpture, a unique furniture piece, a wall-mounted piece of art, or a metal ornamental design for your garden that will bring the mystery and splendor of metal as art to your spaces.

artistic workDecorative metal work is not limited to architectural elements, but can stand on its own as enduring art that reflects and enhances the personality of your home or business. Ledgerock takes great pride in their craft, and nowhere is our passion for decorative metal work better reflected than in our artistic metalwork, from functional yet beautiful furniture pieces, to stand alone metal sculptures that will be reflected on for generations to come.

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