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Commercial Custom Metal Work

Commercial Custom Metal Work

Ledgerock Fabricating and Welding has extensive experience in creating metal elements and pieces for the commercial sector. Every element of your business says something to the public about who you are and what you’re about, and at Ledgerock we understand how to bring your personality and vision into the work we do. Metal is our business, what’s yours?

Custom Metal Signs

commercial work Signs are often the first impression a potential customer will have of your business. Shouldn’t it be memorable, and capture the essence of your business? Metal is a popular choice for outdoor business signs and marquees because of its durability and diversity. More than that, a custom or cast metal sign is a quality piece of art. The range of metals and their design malleability allow us to match the sign design to your business or company’s unique personality, vision, or mission. From upscale and modern stainless steel metal signs that reflect cutting edge and forward thinking, to scrolled custom wrought iron signs that project your business’ history and tradition, Ledgerock will work with you to select the right materials and design that will say what you intend to say, and then we’ll finish it to make sure it endures.

Additional Commercial Metal Work

commercial work Ledgerock is a full service metal fabrication shop with capabilities that match most of your business needs. Doors, hinges, metal signs, marquees, furniture, sculpture, stairs, architectural railings as well as just about any custom need you can dream up. We understand the unique needs of the commercial sector, and will work closely with you throughout the process to ensure the final deliverable piece is your vision brought to life, and maybe even better.

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